Introducing the Smartest Way to Track Your Workouts, Powered by Prevayl.

The new Fiit powered by Prevayl Tracker is no ordinary chest strap; it is enhanced with Prevayl’s one-of-a-kind clinical-grade ECG sensor technology to give you the most detailed and actionable personalised performance insights. And it’s all delivered right to your fingertips. 

Fiit Tracker 2.0 powered by Prevayl

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Train. Recover. Progress.

Unlock the all-new tracker and begin to optimise your performance.



When it comes to tracking your fitness, accuracy is everything. This Fiit Tracker is augmented with Prevayl’s clinical-grade ECG sensor technology, opening a whole new world of deeper, more accurate insights in the palm of your hand.

Why we love it:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Clinical-grade ECG
  • 1,000 data points processed per second
  • Real-time heart rate
  • Rep count 
  • Track calories
  • Access to live leaderboards
  • Rechargeable with 10-hour battery life on full charge 

As a bonus, get deeper insights with the Prevayl App *exclusive for Fiit Members.

  • BodyCheck™ [ readiness to train]
  • Fitness Check [ track your progress ]

During workout: The Sensor comes with a removable plug for the charging port, please use this plug in the port whilst working out so sweat does not get into the device.

Sensor: Remove the Prevayl Sensor from the chest strap after every use and dry it with a soft cloth or towel, this will prevent long-term sweat damage.
Do not charge it straight away let it dry before charging

Strap: Rinse the chest strap under running water after every use and hang to dry. If necessary, wash at 30°C without a comforter. *DO NOT IRON, DRY CLEAN OR BLEACH THE CHEST STRAP.

One Size

The chest strap comes in one size only and is designed to fit a wide range of body types, with a size range of 56cm to 73cm (unstretched) with an additional stretch of 30cm.

The strap is designed to accommodate a broad range of sizes and genders, therefore should work effectively for users at either end of the size spectrum.

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