Fiit Mat

Loved by world-class trainers on Fiit – the UK's #1 Rated Fitness Platform. The Fiit exercise mat is the perfect base for your workout set-up. It's hardwearing, sustainable and specifically designed to take whatever your sweaty body can throw at it.What makes the Fiit mat so great?
  • SIZE - The mat measures 180 x 90 cm. That's 50% bigger than a standard yoga mat.
  • SUSTAINABILITY - The mat is made from 100% recycled rubber.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Just use some detergent/soft suds on a cloth to keep it fresh... easy.
What's more, if you're new to Fiit, you'll unlock 30 days free access to the UK's #1 Rated Fitness Platform with your purchase. From functional fitness to HIIT, yoga and strength training, there's 800+ workouts for you to test your new mat.
Available in 4 colours - Charcoal, Magenta, Royal Blue & Light Blue.

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Workout essentials to bring the gym home.

Bright blue
Light Blue